Let Us Bring about a Fundamental turn in the Three-revolution Red Flag Movement in line with the demands of the Developing Revolution

Full text of a letter to those attending the Fourth Conference of Frontrunners in the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement.

In this stirring period when the whole Party, the entire army and all the people have turned out in a general offensive in hearty response to the Party’s militant call to mark the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea as a pinnacle of the revolution and a milestone in its history, the Fourth Conference of Frontrunners in the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement is being held, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the launch of this movement.

This conference will be an important occasion in dynamically stepping up the building of a thriving socialist country by further raising the fierce flames of the movement in line with the demands of the developing revolution. 

The great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il proposed this movement and ensured that the three revolutions–ideological, technological and cultural–were conducted vigorously in all sectors of the revolution and construction. By doing so they performed imperishable exploits for accomplishing the cause of the Juche revolution, the cause of building a thriving socialist country.

For the first time in history Comrade Kim Il Sung put forward the idea of continuing the revolution in the realms of ideology, technology and culture even after the socialist system was established. He presented the revolution in these realms as the strategic line in socialist construction, and worked out a plan for conducting a three-revolution red flag movement as a mass movement for implementing the strategic line. This movement, as a development of the Chollima Workteam Movement, was a historic starting point for bringing about a radical turn in the transformation of people and the construction of socialism by organically combining the effort to conduct the three revolutions with other mass movements.

True to the ennobling intention of Comrade Kim Il Sung, Comrade Kim Jong Il kindled the flames of the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement and provided energetic guidance to it. He subsequently recorded brilliant successes in carrying out the three revolutions. Today our people have grown into a highly dignified, independent motive force for the revolution, and our country is charging ahead to attain the status of a knowledge-based economy and a civilized power, demonstrating to the whole world its might as a politico-ideological power and a world military power. This is an invaluable result Comrade Kim Jong Il achieved by regarding the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement as a powerful weapon in carrying out the cause of the Juche revolution, and wisely leading the movement.

I extend warm thanks and militant greetings, in the name of the Workers’ Party of Korea, to all those attending this conference and to the Order of the Three-Revolution Red Flag laureates and merited persons of the Songun era across the country who have rendered great service to building a prosperous country by dynamically waging the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement with unfailing loyalty to the Party and the leaders.

Today we are faced with the heavy task of building a thriving socialist country within a short period by bringing about a revolutionary turn in the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement, in line with the demands of the new era of the Juche revolution. This movement is a powerful engine for building a thriving country and a mighty weapon for achieving final victory in the cause of the Juche revolution earlier.

The struggle to build a thriving country is, in essence, a struggle to transform all the domains of ideology, technology and culture in line with the demands of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

The process of building a thriving country, the process of bringing about great, miraculous changes by setting the highest possible goals for comprehensively realizing the people’s dreams and ideals and by blazing a trail to this end, is a process of training the people, the motive force of this effort, into genuine revolutionaries who are firmly armed with the Juche idea and the Songun idea, who are possessed of great spiritual strength. It is also a struggle to develop the national economy radically on the strength of science and technology and create the highest quality and standard of civilization. Only by waging the ideological, technological and cultural revolutions dynamically can we consolidate to the full the strength of the country as a politico-ideological, military and youth power and reach the objective of achieving the status of an economic and civilized power at the highest speed.

The line of the three revolutions as defined by the great leaders in an original way and applied by them is an ever-victorious banner with eternal viability and the general line to which our Party must hold fast in building socialism. 

In an attempt to halt our people’s struggle to build a thriving country, the imperialist reactionaries are now resorting to unprecedented schemes aimed at stifling our country. The showdown with them is a battle to overwhelm and defeat capitalism on all fronts–political, military, economic and cultural–by defending and glorifying our most advantageous ideology and culture and consolidating the might of our Juche-based science and technology in every way. When we make a continuous advance and continuous innovations under the unfurled banner of the revolution in the three realms of ideology, technology and culture, the cause of the Juche revolution and the cause of the Songun revolution pioneered on Paektu will achieve victory after victory by overcoming all the challenges and trials.

This is an important period when Korea’s revolutionaries must achieve the decisive victory of socialism over capitalism by flying higher the three red flags–ideological, technological and cultural–and fully discharge the grave mission and tasks they have assumed before the times and history.

If we are to hasten final victory by implementing the line of the three revolutions, we must bring about a revolutionary turn in the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement.

This movement is the highest form of movement, one that sets our Party’s ultimate programme of modelling the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as its fighting slogan, and it is a mass movement involving the whole country and all the people.

The Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement is permeated with our Party’s noble people-first idea of turning the revolution itself into ardent love for the people, training them into great beings and carrying out the revolution and construction by bringing their voluntary enthusiasm and creative wisdom into fullest play. Also incorporated into the movement are the offensive spirit of braving the obstacles and difficulties that crop up along the way of the revolution and the spirit of the red flag of Paektu, which is the spirit of making continuous innovations and a continuous advance with unyielding determination.

No movement is more effective and more powerful than the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement in opening a short-cut to final victory by bringing about sweeping changes in the ideological, technological and cultural spheres. 

By waging the movement more dynamically, we can train all the members of society into genuine Kimilsungists-Kimjongilists, solidify the political and military position of our revolution and accelerate the building of an economic giant and civilized power. In this way we can build on this land a thriving socialist country with great national strength, where prosperity flourishes and the people are living without any cause for envy. 

Now, however, the movement is not being conducted at the appropriate level as suited to the development of the times and the demands of the Party. 

Such practices as giving precedence to renovating buildings over the ideological remoulding of people and production have yet to be eliminated in the movement, and some defeatist units are not engaging in the movement proactively, blaming the poor conditions. Party guidance to the movement is failing to measure up to the demands of the developing reality, and such deviations are still evident as giving guidance in a formalistic way, snared in stereotypes and set patterns. This has resulted in the movement failing to give full play to its vitality. 

To surmount these deviations and bring about a radical turn in the movement so that it safeguards and glorifies the immortal revolutionary exploits of the great leaders and hastens final victory in building a thriving country–this is the intention of our Party and the objective of this conference. 

All Party organizations should be clearly aware of the Party’s intention and wage the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement more dynamically at a new high. 

They should assign proper tasks to be tackled in carrying out the three revolutions in line with the demands of the times when a general offensive for final victory is being conducted, and then undertake the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement aggressively to implement these tasks. 

Giving definite precedence to the ideological revolution is the fundamental principle consistently adhered to by our Party in the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement. 

Our Party has, throughout the period of its struggle to accomplish the cause of the Juche revolution, held fast to ideology as the most powerful weapon of the revolution and advanced the revolution and construction victoriously on the strength of it. That the red flag of the revolution which was flying in the forests of Paektu has not lost its colour in the least but is still flying as the banner of socialism is due to the fact that we have invariably prioritized ideology. Any discoloration of ideology leads to the fading of the red flag. We should always remember that the success of the revolution and the future of the country are dependent on ideological work, and should continue to direct great efforts to the ideological revolution. 

The most important task in the ideological revolution at present is to train all the members of society into genuine Kimilsungists-Kimjongilists who have acquired the revolutionary spirit of Paektu, the spirit of the blizzards of Paektu, as their nature. By Kimilsungists-Kimjongilists I mean persons with great spiritual strength who cherish boundless loyalty to the ideas and cause of their leaders and the spirit of making selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people and who are ready to fight to the last with indomitable revolutionary faith and will for the final victory of the Juche revolution. 

Party organizations should conduct brisk ideological work, putting the main stress on training Party members and other working people into genuine Kimilsungists-Kimjongilists who have acquired the red revolutionary spirit of Paektu, the spirit of the blizzards of Paektu, as their nature. 

They should conduct substantive five-point education with the main emphasis on education in the greatness of the leaders. 

Education in this greatness, in Kim Jong Il’s patriotism, in revolutionary faith, in anti-imperialism and class consciousness, and in socialist morality can be called an ideological “chisel” and “hammer” for inscribing on the hearts of the people the revolutionary outlook on the leader, ardent love for the country, unwavering faith, steadfast class awareness and an ennobling outlook on morality. 

Party organizations should conduct the five-point education in various forms and by various methods. In this way they can train all officials, Party members and other working people into indomitable vanguard fighters who hold the great leaders in the highest esteem eternally as the Sun of Juche and implement their instructions and the Party’s policies to the last, and into individuals with steadfast faith and morality who are ready to give their all for the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people with unshakeable faith and sound anti-imperialist, class awareness. 

They should channel their efforts into conducting ideological work in novel and lively ways in conformity with the characteristics and actual conditions of their respective units. 

By setting up effective bases for education such as rooms for education in revolutionary exploits and rooms dedicated to the history of their units, and by conducting effective education through them, they should ensure that officials, Party members and other working people are well-informed of those leadership exploits of the great leaders and the Party that are associated with their sectors and units and learn from the laudable examples of their revolutionary forerunners who supported the Party and the leaders faithfully. In this way officials, Party members and other working people can be encouraged to confide themselves to the Party whenever necessary regarding their units as the garden of the offices of the Party Central Committee and display to the full pure patriotism and loyalty in the struggle to implement the Party’s ideas and defend its policies. Ideological and motivation work should be conducted in conformity with the characteristics of the jobs done by the employees of their units and their preparedness, and the heartstrings of the masses touched by conducting frontline-style political work at the workplace–in the factory or on farmland.

Party organizations should orient their ideological work towards increasing the might of collectivism. 

Socialist ideology is based on collectivism, and the ability of the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement to display its vitality depends on the might of the unity of the collective, all of whose members are firmly armed with the Party’s ideology. When they join efforts with a single mind, a radical improvement will be brought about in ideological remoulding, and the spiritual strength of the masses can give a powerful impetus to carrying out the technological and cultural revolutions. 

Our Party intends to write a new chapter in the history of the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement by developing the collectivist spirit in accordance with the requirements of the present times, the spirit which was characteristic of the Chollima era and the campaign for grand socialist construction in which the people put the interests of their comrades and the collective before their own and made collective innovations by educating and reforming those who were lagging behind. 

Party organizations should stress giving full play to the ideological and volitional unity of the collective and revolutionary comradeship based on loyalty to the Party and the leaders. By doing so, they can prepare all officials and all the working people as incarnations of loyalty who, helping one another and leading one another forward, carry out the revolutionary tasks entrusted to them by the Party within the time set and at the standard demanded by it, and encourage them to create a great epic of mass heroism in our times by means of collective innovation. They should also launch a vigorous struggle to get rid of the selfish and non-socialist practices that are evident in some aspects of social life by relying on the united
strength of the masses, and fully establish an atmosphere of leading an ideological life and observing moral discipline, as suited to the original features of socialism.

All sectors and all units should regard science and technology as their lifeblood and make proactive efforts to put their production lines and enterprise management on a modern, IT footing in conformity with the actual conditions in our country–this is an important task to be tackled in carrying out the technological revolution at present. 

We should lay the foundations of a knowledge-based economy driven by modern science and technology and buttressed by hi-tech industries, and make the national economy Juche-oriented, modern, scientific and IT-based at a high standard. 

Party organizations at industrial establishments should ensure that they work out proper strategies for their business operation and enterprise management on the basis of scientific calculation, and that modern and IT means are actively introduced in production lines and enterprise management. It is important in modernizing industrial establishments not to adopt technology developed by other countries or install equipment imported from them; modernization should be realized by relying on our own forces, technology and equipment. They should build up their forces for themselves that are capable of developing science and technology, raise the proportion of domestic equipment, raw and other materials they use by promoting creative cooperation with the scientists and researchers at scientific and educational institutions, consolidate the existing foundations of production, and steadily upgrade their equipment and production lines.

Party organizations in the agricultural sector should accelerate the pace of the technological revolution so as to ensure the full implementation of the Party’s policy on bringing about a radical improvement in agriculture, raise the fierce flames of scientific farming and animal husbandry and realize the comprehensive mechanization of the rural economy. 

The vitality of the technological revolution should be manifested in the successful implementation of the national economic plan drawn up by the state and the major revolutionary tasks entrusted to each unit by it. By giving full play to the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and fortitude and relying on the might of modern science and technology, all units should make regular leaps forward and innovations in production and construction and carry out the revolutionary tasks entrusted to them by the Party, thereby rendering an active contribution to building a prosperous country and improving the people’s standard of living.

The present reality, in which a new phase of cultural flourishing in the era of the Workers’ Party is being opened up, shows that we can build a civilized socialist power of our style in a short period when the cultural revolution is spurred on. 

The many architectural structures and other proud creations that have sprung up across our country in recent days are emblematic of the highest quality of civilization which is the envy of the world, and the people’s cultural life is improving with each passing day. Holding high the slogan “Let the people enjoy the highest quality and standard of civilization!” we should step up the cultural revolution and build a civilized socialist power by our own efforts so that we can stand proud before the world. 

Party organizations should make sure that sci-tech learning spaces are built to the latest standard and that the advantages of the study-while-you-work system, including factory college, are brought into full play. Then they can train officials and the working people into genuine revolutionaries who are masters of their respective sectors and fields and have acquired versatile knowledge, and thus carry out the Party’s policy on making all the people well-versed in science and technology. 

All sectors and all units should strive to transform their factories, workplaces, streets and villages into a socialist paradise so that they meet the requirements of the new century, retain their specific features and regional characteristics, and remain viable even in the distant future. They should encourage their employees to press ahead with the tree-planting campaign so as to cover the country’s mountains with greenery, and endeavour to afforest and landscape their units and home villages and turn them into orchards. 

By thoroughly implementing the Party’s policy on making sports and art mass-based, they should stir up all parts of the country to sing, dance and do colourful sports activities, and drum up support for the revolution, however tense the situation may be and whatever trials and difficulties they may face, so that an optimistic fighting spirit and lifestyle pervade the collective. They should thoroughly eliminate the alien lifestyle from among Party members and other working people, particularly the young people, and establish a socialist and national way of life among them. 

Turning the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement into an undertaking by the masses themselves is a fundamental requirement for vigorously promoting the ideological, technological and cultural revolutions. 

The lifeblood of a mass movement is that it becomes a movement by the masses themselves. 

Party organizations should make officials, Party members and other working people understand that energetically waging the movement is precisely an undertaking to implement the instructions of Comrade Kim Jong Il and a worthwhile struggle to create their own happiness by their own efforts, so that they can all take part in the movement as one, as befits the masters of the movement. 

They should set realistic objectives for winning the Three-Revolution Red Flag title at different stages by fully reflecting the opinions of the masses; they should determine the proper order of priority and make scrupulous organizational and political arrangements to carry out their tasks one by one, beginning from what is feasible. By so doing, they can encourage everybody to turn out actively in the movement with confidence. Along with this, they should regard providing the working people with good working and living conditions as an important undertaking aimed at touching their hearts, and forcefully push ahead with it, thereby boosting their morale.

Information and motivation work geared to raising the fierce flames of the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement should be conducted in an aggressive manner and a strong wind of collective competition be raised so as to make the social atmosphere run higher. 

Giving appropriate political incentives and material rewards is another important way of encouraging the masses to take part voluntarily in the movement. Party organizations should ensure that visits to the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun are organized in a politically meaningful way for the employees of units which have been honoured with the Three-Revolution Red Flag to tell the great leaders about their achievements in carrying out the revolutionary tasks, and they should on a priority basis enjoy tours of Pyongyang, revolutionary battle sites and other historic places. At the same time, the hard core, who have been trained and examined in the course of the struggle to carry out the three revolutions, should be given prominence by admitting them to the Party and awarding commendations, thereby inspiring them always to exalt their honour in being frontrunners in the movement. Material rewards should also be given to the units which have been honoured with the Three-Revolution Red Flag and the people who have been awarded the Order of the Three-Revolution Red Flag. 

Units that are associated with the leadership exploits of the Party and the great leaders should be the driving force in the effort to win the Three-Revolution Red Flag title. 

It is the traditional leadership mode of our Party to create model units and push ahead with the overall work by relying on them. We should set up the units visited by the leaders as models and, with them as an example, bring about leaps forward and innovations in the movement as a whole. 

The Party organizations at these units should make it their lifeblood to implement the instructions the great leaders gave them during their on-site guidance and raise the fierce flames of the three revolutions to make their units models in all aspects of ideology, technology and culture. The officials and working people at these units should be fully conscious of the honour and pride in working at places that bear the sacred footsteps of the great leaders, and display high revolutionary enthusiasm and creative activity in the effort to be awarded the Three-Revolution Red Flag. 

Party committees and administrative and economic organs at all levels should render active support to the units associated with the leadership exploits of the great leaders so that they can take the lead in carrying out the three revolutions. 

If they pay a little more attention to these units, the latter will be fully capable of standing in the vanguard of the struggle to carry out the three revolutions, since the great leaders clarified the ways and means for them.

Party committees at all levels, ministries and national agencies, all provinces, cities and counties should render proper assistance to the units associated with the undying revolutionary exploits of the great leaders so that they are all awarded the Three-Revolution Red Flag. Party committees should direct particular attention to the production units visited by the leaders, in keeping with the Party’s intention of giving top priority to improving the people’s living standards. Scrupulous Party guidance should be given to those units that have been honoured with the Three-Revolution Red Flag to ensure that they become two-time and three-time laureates of the honour. In this way they can propel the effort to build a thriving country and improve the people’s standard of living. 

It is important to enhance the role of working people’s organizations, administrative and economic organs and three-revolution team members in the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement. 

Since the movement is a struggle to carry out the general line of our Party, success in it depends on the active mobilization of all working people’s organizations and administrative and economic organs, as well as Party organizations. 

Working people’s organizations should conduct vigorous political work geared to enlisting all their members in the movement and thus ensure that they bring about a radical turn in carrying out the three revolutions at their units, becoming one in mind and purpose and effecting collective innovations. The youth league organizations, in particular, should encourage the young people to become point-men and a shock brigade achieving breakthroughs in the vanguard of the movement and, in the course of carrying out the three revolutions, nurture them as the political reserve force of the Workers’ Party of Korea and reliable masters of the youth power. 

Administrative and economic organs should make detailed arrangements, as discussed and decided by their Party committees, for the three revolutions and carry out one by one in a planned way the tasks that have been decided on. The three-revolution team members should step up the technical upgrading and modernization of the production lines and equipment at their relevant units, so that the vitality of the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement can be demonstrated to the full in the ongoing general march, seething with the spirit of the blizzards of Paektu and the spirit of At a Go. 

Working people’s organizations should conduct various forms of mass movements effectively in combination with this movement. These mass movements differ from one another in their content, form and those involved, but their basic targets are all the same, in that they are designed to implement the great leaders’ instructions and the Party’s policies by stepping up the three revolutions–ideological, technological and cultural. Therefore, working people’s organizations should orient all forms of mass movements towards carrying out the three revolutions more effectively and push them forward vigorously. 

Party organizations should make another detailed review of the state of the mass movements conducted by these organizations and put to rights any wrong tendencies, so as to ensure that these movements contribute, as far as possible, to carrying on the three revolutions. 

By vigorously launching the movement to learn from merited individuals of the Songun era, we should inject vigour into the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement. This is a mass movement for instilling loyalty to the Party, ardent patriotism and the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and fortitude into the minds of Party members and other working people through education by means of exemplary individuals, so as to ensure that they turn out in the campaign to carry out the instructions of the great leaders and champion the policies of the Party. Party organizations should push ahead dynamically with this movement and thus ensure that a larger number of patriots and performers of labour feats who cherish Kim Jong Il’s patriotism and give full play to their patriotic zeal and spirit of devoted service in the major theatres of the campaign for building an economic giant and improving the people’s living standards are produced, and that the movement makes an active contribution to developing the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement. 

To improve the role of Party committees decisively is a sure guarantee for bringing about a revolutionary turn in the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement at present. 

The Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement is a mass movement organized and guided by the Party on its own responsibility, so it is natural that Party committees take full charge of it and push ahead with it. 

Party organizations at all levels should make this movement an out-and-out concern of Party committees. Party committees should take direct charge of planning and arranging the undertakings related to the movement, and motivate all their departments and subordinate organizations to press ahead with it. Departments of Party committees at all levels should adopt the viewpoint and attitude that they share responsibility for undertakings related to the movement. In particular, the organizational leadership departments, information and publicity departments, working people’s organization departments and other relevant departments should work in close cooperation with one another. 

The information and publicity departments of Party committees at all levels should radically enhance their role. As the main departments of Party committees they are directly responsible for guiding the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement. 

They should exercise unified control over the movement and push it forward in a planned and militant way so that the whole country seethes with passion for it. They should conduct a profound analysis of the current state of the movement and then work out concrete plans for developing it to the standard demanded by the Party and adopt proper measures to this end. They should intensify their guidance over their subordinate units in order to rectify any deviations promptly, and work responsibly and according to Party principles when recommending for the Three-Revolution Red Flag award and evaluating those units that claim to have achieved the objectives, true to their pledges. 

They should build up the ranks of officials in direct charge of the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement and decisively improve their political and practical qualifications. They should have a good understanding of the policies advanced by the Party in various periods, acquire a high-level grounding in modern science and technology and a rich knowledge for a cultural and emotional life, and take steps to improve their leadership abilities steadily. Party committees at all levels should appoint officials with a strong drive and resolve to these posts, and should not change their posts for a certain period of time. They should also re-evaluate the office mechanism with a view to providing more effective Party guidance to the movement, and adopt relevant measures. 

Senior officials of Party committees at all levels should fully discharge their revolutionary duty in guiding the movement. 

Their attitude towards the movement is their view of and stand on the instructions of Comrade Kim Jong Il, as well as a serious political issue related to their preparedness for continuing the revolution. 

Senior officials of Party committees at all levels are commanders in direct charge of the movement. 

They are duty-bound to stand in the vanguard of the struggle in bringing about a fundamental turn in the movement, and should prove their loyalty to the Party with proud achievements in the three revolutions. They should inscribe on their hearts the Party’s intention to bring about a radical turn in the movement, personally take in hand the work of implementing that intention and push ahead with it in a revolutionary way. They should keep abreast of the present situation and progress in the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement at their own units and address and promptly correct any problems on their own initiative. They should render effective help to the officials who provide direct guidance to the movement to improve their level and abilities. They should make it their habit to go down regularly to the sites where the movement is being waged to learn about the concrete situation and adopt any measures necessary. 

For the present, they should push ahead with the organizational and political work for raising the fierce flames of the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement in the lead-up to the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea. By doing so they can actively contribute to marking the congress with great achievements in carrying out the three revolutions and to glorifying it as a historic congress that will be recorded in the annals of our Party and country. 

The Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement is a militant undertaking that the great Comrade Kim Jong Il, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, entrusted to Party organizations, based on his trust in them. 

I hope you will continuously display the honour of being frontrunners in carrying out the three revolutions and become the initial sparks and torches in raising the flames of the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement across the country, bearing deep in mind the instructions of Comrade Kim Jong Il and the intentions of the Party on vigorously waging the movement. 

True to the Party’s intention, Party organizations at all levels, Party members and other working people should defend and glorify the immortal exploits of the great leaders and hasten the final victory of the Juche revolution by bringing about a revolutionary turn in the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement.

Kim Jong Un
Friday, November 20, 2015