OP-ED: Premonitions of War on the Korean Peninsula

April 1, 2024

In a recent op-ed for Arms Control Today, NCNK Executive Director Keith Luse suggests that North Korea's rising threat has been lost on the international community with global leaders appearing numb to the festering crisis. ... | Read More

Daniel Wertz on China-North Korea Trade Data

February 25, 2020

Writing for 38 North, NCNK Program Manager Daniel Wertz takes a close look at recent Chinese trade data with North Korea, looking at how this economic relationship has changed - and how it hasn't - over the past three years. ... | Read More

Esther Im and Andray Abrahamian on COVID-19

February 24, 2020

NCNK Program Officer Esther Im and NCNK Member Andray Abrahamian teamed up recently to write an article published by 38 North about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and North Korea's response ... | Read More