NCNK Member Digest, Spring/Summer 2022 (March-July)

July 25, 2022

The National Committee on North Korea is a non-governmental organization with a diverse membership of experts and practitioners actively engaged on a variety of topics on the DPRK. Our members’ publications have been featured in several prominent outlets, including the Washington Post and 38North, and offer insight into some of the most topical issues regarding North Korea. The following is a non-exhaustive digest of our members’ recent publications.


Why the international community should move to mass vaccinate North Korea — now
By Thomas Byrne

Dangerous covid variants could emerge from North Korea if the world doesn’t act
Victor Cha (Katrin Fraser Katz and J. Stephen Morrison)

Why the World Should Care About the COVID Outbreak in North Korea
By Daniel Jasper

Examining North Korea’s COVID-19 Data: A Curious Case Study
By Martyn Williams

Nuclear Issues 

North, South Korea Exchange Threats
By Kelsey Davenport

Kim Jong-un Doubles Down on Nuclear Threat
By Joseph DeTrani

Can North Korea Be Deterred
By Duyeon Kim

How the US should respond if North Korea conducts another nuke test
By Jessica Lee


The Case for Maximizing Engagement With North Korea
By Frank Aum and Daniel Jasper

South Korean Foreign Policy under President Yoon Suk-yeol: Prospects and Challenges
By Patrick Cronin

Flexibility Can Bring Pyongyang Back to Negotiations
By David Kang


Potential Institutional Arrangements for Funding a Cooperative Threat Reduction Plus Program with the DPRK
By Bradley Babson

Why further sanctions against North Korea could be tough to add
By Andrew Yeo