June 2 Webinar: "Taking Stock of North Korea's Economy" feat. Rüdiger Frank, Hazel Smith, and Darcie Draudt

May 26, 2022

North Korea’s strict border closure in response to the COVID-19 pandemic not only stopped the travel of people who might transmit the virus, but it also largely stopped the import and export of goods. There were some recent indications that trade may be resuming in limited ways, but over the last two years trade reached record lows with undeniably significant impact on the North Korean economy. With the recent confirmation of COVID cases in the country, it remains to be seen how North Korea will manage its response. North Korea could remain in a prolonged state of closure or crisis may force North Korea to open its border for assistance and trade. How has North Korea fared under this lockdown and how would a continued lockdown impact the country and economy? What has been the socioeconomic impact of depressed trade, especially on markets and those that depend on them for goods and livelihoods? How has the state adjusted its economic policies? What might resumed trade and exchange look like in the future?

Join NCNK on June 2 at 9 am ET to discuss these questions and more with Dr. Rüdiger Frank of the University of Vienna and Dr. Hazel Smith of University of London, wutg moderation by Dr. Darcie Draudt. 

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