Dr. Stephen Noerper

Senior Director for Policy
The Korea Society



Professor Stephen Noerper teaches Korean Politics and Foreign Policy in Columbia University's Department of Political Science and the International Relations of Northeast Asia at Columbia SIPA. He is a Weatherhead East Asian Institute Senior Research Scholar. Dr. Noerper serves as Senior Director for Policy at the Korea Society, a prominent non-profit organization educating Americans on Korea, founded in 1957. As Senior Director, Dr. Noerper leads the policy program effort, with focus on South Korea as host and hub, Korea's regional relations, and North Korea issues. There he leads the Kim Koo Professional Series, serving senior professionals from the United Nations, media and Wall Street, as well as the Emerging Scholar Lecture Series, advancing a new generation of thought leaders on Korea and Northeast Asia. He appears widely in media and has published a diplomatic history of South Korea, The Tiger's Leap, and some eighty articles and journal features on Korea and Northeast Asia. His latest chapter on US-Korea relations may be found at Comparative Connections (cc.csis.org), and his recent review of North Korea and the World is in Political Science Quarterly (Spring 2018) and South Korea at the Crossroads in The Journal of Korean Studies (March 2019). He is working on two books, Korea: Stasis and Change and The Asianists.

Prior to his appointment to the Korea Society in February 2010, Professor Noerper served as an Associate Professor of International Relations at New York University and as a Senior Fellow on Asia and Director of Global Networks and Russia and Eurasia programs for the EastWest Institute. He was also President of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral Academy. Professor Noerper has taught on Korea at the graduate and professional level since 1996, first as an Assistant and then Associate Professor at Hawaii's Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, and later as an adjunct Professor at American University and as a Visiting Full Professor to Japan's Waseda University and the National University of Mongolia, where he was a Fulbright Senior Scholar and led US foundation efforts. He was awarded Mongolia's State Friendship Medal by the President. Dr. Noerper was a Senior Analyst with the US Department of State and Vice President for a Georgetown-based international relations and security firm. Early in his career, Dr. Noerper served with the Stone Foundation, Edward R. Murrow Center for Public Diplomacy, and Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development. He was a Visiting Fellow at Hawaii's East-West Center and Korea's Institute for Foreign Affairs and National Security, now Korea's National Diplomatic Academy.

Professor Noerper is a member of the National Committee on North Korea. He is married and the father of three children.