Faiza Filali

Communications Intern


Faiza Filali is the Communications Intern at the National Committee on North Korea, where she is responsible for creating engaging content for NCNK's audience and helping the team achieve their communications goals. Currently a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame, Faiza has a double major in Political Science and International Peace Studies as well as two minors in Korean and Public Policy. She has spent the six months interning for No Lost Food, a non-profit in El Paso seeking to end food waste, and The Borgen Project, a nonprofit organization that is addressing ending world poverty and hunger. Faiza runs a tutoring organization for children with educational and physical disabilities, as well as advocating for mental health awareness in childhood education. She is currently researching how the relationships between the Korean Peninsula and the Indo-Pacific region could potentially affect international policy and development and plans to attend law school with a focus on International Humanitarian Law. When she's not cramming for classes or in the office, Faiza can be found hosting her podcast about pop culture and personal growth, de-stressing at a concert, or freaking out (understatement of the year) about the boy group Stray Kids.