Dr. Balbina Y. Hwang

Visiting Professor
Georgetown University


Dr. Balbina Hwang is Visiting Professor at Georgetown University, where she lectures on  International Relations and Security, East Asian Affairs, and the International Political  Economy. She is also Adjunct Research Associate with IHS Markit. 

Between 2007-2009, Dr. Hwang was appointed and served as Senior Special Advisor (to  Assistant Secretary Christopher Hill, Bureau of East Asian Affairs) at the U.S. State  Department. She was also a Research Fellow at the Institute for National Security  Strategy (Seoul, Korea). Prior to joining the U.S. State Department, (2000-2007) she was the Senior Policy Analyst for Northeast Asia in the Asian Studies Center of The Heritage Foundation. 

Dr. Hwang frequently lectures at military and diplomatic missions and their instructional institutions, as well as think tanks and other policy institutes around the world. She also advises global strategic risk management firms. Her previous teaching experiences have included: the National Defense University; the Bush Graduate School of Government and Public Service (University of Texas A&M, D.C. campus), George Washington University, and American University. Dr. Hwang has testified before several U.S. Congressional  Hearings as an expert witness on Asian affairs, and has contributed to numerous documentary series for national and international broadcasts. She is also a lecturer for the Smithsonian Associates Program in Washington D.C. 

Dr. Hwang is a frequent commentator for major international and national media outlets, including: CNN; BBC; PBS Lehrer News Hour; NPR; FOX; NBC; ABC; and CBS among others, and her written commentaries have appeared in publications such as: The Wall St. Journal; Washington Post; and New York Times, Janes Intelligence Review, and numerous other international media publications. 

She was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship (for doctoral dissertation field research) in South Korea in 1998-1999, and has published numerous articles for scholarly journals and book chapters, for which she has received several writing awards. Currently, she is completing  work on two book manuscripts for publication: Platonic Paradox on the Peninsula: Korea’s: Divided Lines; and Tocqueville in Asia: Dilemmas of Democracy and Modernization. 

She is a member of NCNK (National Committee on North Korea) and Korean Overseas Women’s International Network (KOWIN); and was an elected Board Member of U.S. CSCAP (Council for Security and Cooperation in the Asia Pacific). She has also recently achieved a Certificate in World Art History at the Smithsonian Institution. 

A native of (South) Korea, Dr. Hwang earned: an MA and Ph.D. (in Government) from Georgetown University; an MIA (Masters of International Affairs) from Columbia University; an MBA from the Darden Business School at the University of Virginia; and a  BA (in Philosophy and Government) from Smith College. She also spent one year  matriculated at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.