[Webcast] ROK-U.S. Strategic Forum 2020 - 70 Years Later: Bringing Peace to the Korean Peninsula and Beyond

Center for Strategic and International Studies


June 24, 2020, 8:00 am EDT to 10:00 am EDT

Seventy years has passed since the outbreak of hostilities on the Korean peninsula, and yet an end to the state of hostilities still remains beyond the grasp of the parties involved.  As tragic as the anniversary of the war and Korea’s division remains, we are also reminded of the unparalleled political and economic progress witnessed in South Korea, which undeniably represent the most fruitful seven decades in Korea’s history. 

To remember the past and to chart the path forward, CSIS and the Korea Foundation will convene our annual Strategic Forum on the 70th anniversary of the war. 

Join us on June 24 and 25 for a two-day discussion covering the process of the transition to a permanent peace on the Korean peninsula, the status of the U.S.-ROK alliance, the current global health crisis, the role of global economic governance and multilateral economic response, and opportunities for the future-oriented U.S.-ROK collaboration in security and innovation.

This signature event will be co-hosted with the Korea Foundation, a leading organization of Korea's international exchange and public policy initiative.

Live streaming here: https://www.csis.org/events/online-event-rok-us-strategic-forum-2020


Dr. John Hamre, President and CEO, CSIS; Langone Chair in American Leadership, CSIS
Dr. Geun Lee, President, The Korea Foundation

SESSION I: Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Moderator: Ambassador Mark Lippert, Senior Advisor, CSIS Korea Chair; Former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea
Dr. Haksoon Paik, President, Sejong Institute
Dr. Intaek Han, Chair, Peace and Cooperation Program, Office of Research, Jeju Peace Institute
Mr. David HelveyActing Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs, U.S. Department of Defense
Dr. Sue Mi Terry, Senior Fellow, CSIS Korea Chair; Former Senior Analyst, Central Intelligence Agency; Former National Security Council
Amb. Kathleen Stephens, President & CEO, Korea Economic Institute of America; Former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea


Ambassador Harry Harris, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea

SESSION II: Pandemics and the Global Responses
This public session will feature a discussion with four U.S. and South Korean speakers and a moderator (five total speakers). This session will provide a timely opportunity to examine the current global health crisis and the comprehensive impact of pandemics on the world.

Moderator: Ms. Anna FifieldBeijing bureau chief, The Washington Post
Dr. Chul ChungSenior Vice President, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy
Dr. Youngmee JeeAdvisor, Global Center for Infectious Diseases, Seoul National University of Medicine (Member, WHO International Health Regulation Emergency Committee on COVID-19)
Dr. Victor ChaSenior Adviser and Korea Chair, CSIS; Vice Dean for Faculty and Graduate Affairs and D.S. Song-KF Professor of Government, Georgetown University; Former National Security Council
Dr. J. Stephen MorrisonSenior Vice President, CSIS; Director, CSIS Global Health Policy Center

SESSION III: Over-the-Horizon: The Future of U.S.-ROK Alliance

Moderator: Dr. Young-kwan Yoon, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea
Dr. No Hyoung Park, Professor, School of Law, Korea University
Mr. Yunju Ko, Director-General of North American Affairs Bureau, ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dr. Michael Green, Senior Vice President for Asia and Japan Chair, CSIS; Director of Asian Studies, Georgetown University; Former National Security Council
Mr. Randall Schriver, Chairman of the Board, Project 2049 Institute; Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs, U.S. Department of Defense

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