ICAS Fall Symposium Prologue: The Korean Peninsula Issues and US National Security

Institute for Corean-American Studies

Congressional Auditorium and Atrium CVC 200 United States Capitol Visitor Center United States Congress Washington, DC

September 13, 2019, 1:30 pm EDT to 4:30 pm EDT


Chair: Synja P Kim (ICAS  Fellow, President and Chairman)

Moderator: Sang Joo Kim (ICAS  Senior Fellow & Executive Vice President)


Jong Ho Ri (Former Senior Economic Official Office 39 of North Korea): Political Future of the Korean Peninsula

Sang Joo Kim: Release of the ICAS Polling IV Data: GSOMIA: The Korean Peninsula Issues and US National Security

Gilbert Rozman: (ICAS Fellow; Musgrave Professor Sociology Emeritus Princeton University; Editor-in-Chief The Asan Forum): Evolving Geopolitical Dynamics of Northeast Asia


Joseph Bosco (ICAS Fellow; East Asia Security Consultant; OSD ret)
William Brown (ICAS Fellow; Adjunct Prof Foreign Service School Georgetown University)
Dan Gallington (ICAS Fellow; ex Special Assistant for Policy to SecDef Donald Rumsfeld)
Dennis Halpin (ICAS Fellow; Visiting Scholar SAIS JHU; ex diplomat US State Dept)
Peter Huessy (ICAS Fellow; Director Strategic Deterrence, Mitchell Institute)
Tong Kim (ICAS Fellow: Washington correspondent and columnist for The Korea Times)
Donald Kirk (ICAS Fellow; Author and Journalist)
David Maxwell (ICAS Fellow; Senior Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies)
Larry Niksch (ICAS Fellow; Senior Associate CSIS)
Tara O (ICAS Fellow; Author, Collapse of North Korea: Challenges, Planning and Geopolitics of Unification)

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